Probiotics For Pregnancy

Probiotics For Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting, but overwhelming time. Everyone and anyone will be gagging to give you advice, and it can be hard to know what to take on. Amongst all of the well-meaning but unsolicited advice, you’re probably also wondering what day-to-day health and wellness practices you can safely continue, and which you’ll need to put on hold for the next 9 months. I mean, you’ve already had to say goodbye to your favourite soft cheeses. What’s next?!

Well, if you took probiotics as a supplement prior to being pregnant, or you’re wanting a way to boost your gut and vaginal health during pregnancy, we’ve got some news for you! 


Are probiotics safe during pregnancy?

The good news is, yes! Probiotics are completely safe during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Probiotics for pregnancy are a fantastic supplement that supports the maintenance of healthy vaginal microflora and a balanced gut microbiome.

Probiotics for pregnancy are usually taken in the form of a daily capsule to assist in boosting the immune system to fight illness, relieve digestive discomfort, bloating and restore beneficial gut flora. Probiotics can also be found in foods like yoghurt, sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi and kefir.


Benefits of taking probiotics during pregnancy 

Taking probiotics during pregnancy can be great for a number of reasons. Doing anything that improves your general health and well-being isn’t only great for you, but also for your baby. Looking after yourself during pregnancy means your baby can develop in a happy, calm environment, with a higher chance of good brain development and a healthy birth weight. 

Improved gut health

Probiotics include “good” bacteria that help to balance your digestive system. When consumed, the live microorganisms help to restore your natural balance, particularly when your immune system is a bit out of whack. Too much “bad” bacteria can be caused by things such as a poor diet, changes in weight (which can be brought on by pregnancy,) food intolerances or using antibiotics. 

Gut health is always important, but especially when you’re pregnant. With so much already changing in your body, you want to maintain a healthy gut to avoid any issues, on top of the general symptoms of pregnancy. Improving gut health boosts the immune system, ensuring it’s strong to fight infection and assist your baby’s development.


Improvement in baby’s microbiome

When babies are born, they tend to pick up a brand-new gut microbiome when covered in bacteria during vaginal birth, which is derived from their own mother. This means having good gut health is super important during pregnancy, to ensure your new bub is healthy and to strengthen their immune system. 


Assists in preventing vaginal infections

During pregnancy, it’s normal to become more vulnerable to vaginal infections, such as bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. This is due to changes in your immune system and hormone levels. Flora probiotics during pregnancy can specifically assist in preventing infection, as they’re formulated to support vaginal health


Reduces the severity of allergies and eczema

It’s possible that incorporating probiotics into your day-to-day will help reduce eczema and particular allergies. Research shows that there's a link between taking probiotics and a decrease in eczema, which can further prevent your baby from developing it or experiencing severe symptoms. This is because probiotics help boost the immune system, which can decrease the severity of particular allergies and eczema.


Improved mental health

Research suggests that probiotics have a positive effect on mental health. In the same way that your brain knows when you’re full or hungry, it knows when your gut may not be happy. Gut health and your brain have a pretty tight relationship, and so poor gut health can lead to poor mental health and lower mood. That’s why, if you’re looking after your digestive system and boosting it with good bacteria, you’re naturally going to feel a lot better. And improving your mental health could mean you have a more enjoyable pregnancy experience overall. 


The key takeaway

Probiotics aren’t only great for your gut and mental health, but also your vaginal health before, during and after pregnancy. It’s so important to keep happy and healthy, not only for yourself, but for your new bub. Probiotics for pregnancy are completely safe, but if you’re ever unsure, it’s great to consult with your doctor first!


Take control of your vaginal health

Women’s health may feel like a taboo topic, but Arravite is proactively fighting the stigma to normalise the conversation around i

If you’re curious about taking probiotics to support pregnancy, check out our Microflora Probiotic Range


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Do not use if cap seal is broken.

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