Centro Sperimentale del Latte

At ARRAVITE, we're proud to produce our range of Probiotics Pro probiotics in partnership with Centro Sperimentale del Latte (CSL), a company of Sacco System.

CSL, Unrivalled Quality & Efficacy

With a rich history dedicated to human nutrition, CSL was Europe's first company to study lactic acid bacteria for human health, and today, is the world's most respected manufacturer of probiotics.

  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Established: 1872

Probiotic Leaders Since 1872

A history inspired by nutrition

  • Post WW2, Italy, like much of Europe, was left devastated. Italians developed a number of severe nutritional deficiencies, with women & children the hardest hit demographic amongst the population.
  • Impassioned by his struggling nation, an Italian entrepreneur, Dr Leo Vesely sought to ease the post war hardships that plagued his neightbours, right across the continent.
  • Focused on the nutritional needs of women & children alike, Dr Leo Vesely founded CSL in 1872, to deliver beneficial nutrition through bacteria supported food.
  • The product of his unwavering passion, CSL, would go on to become the 1st Italian company to study lactic acid bacteria — critical to the maternal health of expectant mothers.
  • To this day, Dr Leo Vesely's legacy is sown into the history books; CSL, is Italy's largest probiotic manufacturer and proudly ranks in the top 5 producers of probiotics, globally.

Serving Consumers Health Needs in 100+ Countries

Today, CSL is supported by the weight of it's 100+ years of probiotic expertise; with full in-house control of R&D to industrialisation.

CSL's strains support consumer health needs through 4,000+ customers in 110+ countries.

6,000+ Proprietary strains of their cell bank
300+ Probiotic strains manufactured in 2018
26 Probiotic species manufactured to natural and pharmaceuitical scale
2,000+ Unique combinations of these strains & species created for brand owners in 2018
4 Probiotic manufacturing centres with GMP pharma and food certification

Certification & Quality Control

In order to guarantee efficacy and full quality assurance across their manufacturing plants, CSL conduct quality checks every 10 minutes with up to 150 analysis performed in every batch.

Proudly, CSL exceeds every available quality control certification available in the market

  • FESS 22000
  • FDA spproved
  • ISO 22000 2015
  • Halal certification
  • Kosher certification
  • GMP pharma certification


ARRAVITE's Probiotics Pro range of probiotics are exclusively produced and manufactured by CSL to ensure world class consumer health benefit and product integrity.

Whether it's our Inner Balance, High Strength Probiotic or Women's Healthy Microflora Probiotic range, our Probiotics Pro probiotics are backed by CSL's world leading knowledge and infused with R&D expertise that defines global standards.

To learn more about ARRAVITE’s Probiotics Pro range, click here.

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