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Women’s Health Experts

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Women’s Health Experts

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Wellness | Inspired by science

At ARRAVITE, we wholeheartedly believe that wellness is a style that’s unique to each and every one of us. With scientifically backed formulations at the heart of our Probiotics Pro, Flourish Me, Collagen 20, and Elevate Me ranges, our suite of products have been carefully curated to nurture stunning beauty from within.

Sincerely scientific

At ARRAVITE, we’re passionate about sharing our love for science in a way that is both simple and human.

To un-clutter the science of wellness, we communicate our products benefits with transparency. Did you know that a high concentration of lactobacillus in the vagina is critical to avoiding common infections? Our Probiotics Pro range has been inspired by science to contribute to vaginal balance and thus, immunity.

Wellness, your style

Wellness is a style that can take many forms. To facilitate your wellness journey, we’ve developed our full range of products to ensure ease of access to stunning health, no matter where life takes you.

We’re all moved by a unique set of passions that drive us. At ARRAVITE, we develop our products around you, inspired by science and highly integral formulations to enable stunning wellness - your style.

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